Welcome to my e-portfolio! My name is Anna, and I am a 3rd year, enthusiastic ECE (Early Childhood Education) major. My goal is to be a third grade teacher that breaks the stereotype of the third grade horror stories. I wish to be a robust teacher, and focus on making all of my lessons meaningful by avoiding mere busy work.

My classroom will be a safe and creative space where students can be themselves without fear of judgement. Acceptance will co-exist with kindness while bullying will be extinct. I believe a successful classroom is one where students feel comfortable to share constructive criticism with the best intentions. All with kindness and support intended.

This is my mission statement:

The atmosphere in my classroom will be nothing less than inviting and supportive. My students will be able to pitch their ideas without fear of judgement, and with confidence. What is taught in my classroom will be robust and meaningful. Everything will be done with purpose and intent to support maximum student success.

Within this blog, you will be able to explore projects I am working on in my Educational Technology class.

enjoy 🙂