Video Gaming Post #4

Up until this point, my whole exploration has been focused on the medical simulations that Edheads offers but like I have mentioned before, there are other options. I wanted to quickly present another simulation available on the site that is not medical related.

I choose the Manufacturing Technician stimulation which is actually sponsored by Honda. Here, you are the person who has to test all of the models of cars and car parts before they can be put together. This even includes a series of trouble shooting each part.

To start off, you meet Jerome, who you will be working with. From the start, it is very realistic and the game makes the player feel as if they are actually there and ready to begin work. Jerome goes through safety regulations and even gives you a lock for your tool box that you get to customize with your initials. This gives the player a sense of responsibility because know, they have the feeling like they have ownership over something.

I won’t go into to much detail about this simulation because my main focus was the medical ones. However, I just wanted to mention this to let everyone know there are other cool options available on Edheads for other simulations.

This simulation, like the other ones has a great educational component involved. This one is even less of a sandbox affect than the hip resurfacing simulation I had mentioned in my last blog post. Before beginning the simulation, Edheads has you print out two worksheets that have questions on them and also have places to chart, and make calculations. This is similar to what would have been found in a real manufacturing plant, and also uses similar skills that would be needed.

Both of these worksheets go along with the simulations as well. This really makes the whole experience meaningful for the player because they have something physical to manipulate while going through the simulations. Overall, just adding another reality aspect.


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