Moby Max vs. EPIC

In my Distributed cognition blog post, Does Technology Such as Moby Max Make Students Smarter?, I discussed how technology such as the Moby Max App was ineffective because most students just game it. This results in technology not making students smarter.

However, There are other Apps that in my opinion, do make students smarter. One of these is EPIC, which is an App that houses thousands of books for students to read or listen too. In this App, teachers can pick out books for students to read and email them to them. The emails goes straight into the students’ EPIC mail boxes on the app.

This is a great feature because the students are able to pick out a book to read from a collection of already pre approved books from their teachers. This makes learning fun because they are able to choose what they read instead of being forced to read the same book as their whole class. But, the books are pre selected by their teacher so that she knows what they are reading.

This App is making students smarter because it is solely a reading app. This means that they are able to pick a book that is their reading level, or they can even read along with the book. Students are actually practicing reading as the main focus instead of the main focus being answering content questions.

I will definitely be utilizing EPIC in my classroom.


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