Criteria and Assessment for Digital Story

Link to Digital Storytelling Rubric

This is the link to the rubric my team created to assess our digital story. We focus on aspects such as story, flow, voice, creativity, audience, media application and content. The goal is to have collectively created a digital story that shows the progression of Cleveland over time, using pictures and videos. With the implication of all of our criteria, we as a team should have created a digital story perfectly fit for kindergarten classrooms focusing on this Social Studies standard.

As you can see, we have a formal rubric that will be used by the teacher. This rubric is in depth and detailed and shows all of the criteria that students have to do to receiver certain grades.

Then, we include a simpler rubric that the teacher can use to describe to the students. This is a rubric that includes the criteria that is present in the teacher rubric, in a more confined and specific way. This is a way for the teachers to describe to the students what they should be doing, but in an easier to understand way.

Last, we include a very informal checklist for the students to self assess. This is written in language and “I can” format that is very Kindergarten friendly and is easy for them to not only read, but to self assess. This is also very beneficial to have because it allows the students to manually “check off” as the complete steps, and makes them accountable.